Simplifying Change

Change management coursesWe know that ‘change is the only constant’ but why do we continue to struggle with change so much.

The change equation is a simple, powerful change model developed by Beckhard and Harris designed to help reduce resistance to change.

According to Beckhard and Harris, three factors must be present for meaningful organisational change to take place as illustrated below.

D x V x F > R

D refers to ‘Dissatisfaction with the status quo’, for example, individuals are not happy with the way things are now.

V refers to ‘Vision of what is possible’, i.e. what is it that we are trying to achieve?

F refers to ‘First concrete steps that can be taken towards the vision’, how will we go about achieving this?

R refers to ‘Resistance’, i.e. if any of these factors are missing or weak, then you are going to get resistance.

This is a quick, simple equation to bring in to team meetings when exploring resistance to change.

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