Human Bingo

Building a high performance teamWe used a great energiser recently during our Building a High Performance Team course called ‘Human Bingo’.

This energiser follows ordinary bingo rules, except that the game is played while mingling in the classroom or at a party looking for specific “people” characteristics. The object of the game is to find individuals within the room who have a characteristic on your card. The winner is the first one to complete the card.

Every game has rules and Human Bingo is no different. Ensure the following rules are outlined as part of the introduction:

  • The individual must sign their name against the statement that applies to them on the answer card.
  • Each statement must be signed by only one person
  • Each statement must be signed by a different individual
  • Once the answer card is full, players must shout BINGO!

As a tip, manage timings and try to observe how the wider group work as a team in a competitive environment under pressure. This activity is also great during management skills training courses that look at communication, planning and creativity.

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