Motivating Others


Motivation is not something you can expect from your team, it is something you have to nurture and develop. It requires conscious effort and requires managers to get to really know their staff; their values, what makes them tick.

A common mistake made by so many managers is the assumption that people are motivated by the same things as they are. We are all different and therefore we are motivated by different things.  This Motivating Others training course will improve a manager’s ability to motivate staff in the right way and directly influences their attitude, performance and productivity.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a line management role that would like to motivate others more effectively should attend a Managing Others training course.


The aim of this 1-day Motivating Others course is to help managers understand what drives motivation and how they can motivate others to perform more effectively.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  •  Debate what is meant by an ‘engaged’ team and explore the manager’s responsibility in achieving this
  • Explored motivation theories and gained techniques to use on a day-today basis to increase commitment and build morale
  • Identify methodologies to engage team members in a way that improves their contribution to the team
  • Practiced how to deliver motivational and developmental feedback in a way that promotes personal ownership and accountability for performance improvement
  • Produced a targeted 3-month action plan  to consciously raise motivation levels




  • This motivation course can be adapted to meet your business requirements and integrate your logo/ branding at a nominal fee.
  • Can form part of a Chartered Management Institute qualification or a professionally recognised programme.

Delivery Options

  • We deliver: Our motivating others training course is delivered in-house by Adalta professional facilitators for up to 12 participants.
  • You deliver: This course is available for you to purchase and deliver independently within your organisation.


  • We deliver: £1350 + VAT per course (equivalent to less than £115 per person based on 12 participants). Course rate includes materials. Excludes facilitator expenses.
  • You deliver: £1750 + VAT, rate includes all course material in electronic, editable format.