Minute Taking


Meetings are a necessary part of our business but can quickly become ineffective if the meeting minutes are not accurate, relevant and timely.  Documenting meeting minutes is an art in itself.  Good meeting minutes help drive action as they clarify how, when, why, and by whom decisions are to be made. They help to record key meeting decisions and help to raise accountability within meetings.  This Minute Taking course helps participants to learn the practical skills of minute taking and understand how this critical role contributes to successful, productive meetings and commitment to action.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who typically takes minutes at meetings and would like to further develop their approach to ensure that they consistently produce professional meeting minutes would benefit from attending a Minute Taking training course.


The aim of this Minute Taking course is to provide participants with a range of practical tools and techniques to consistently produce professional meeting minutes.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Determined the steps of the meeting cycle and clarified the roles and expectations of the ‘chair’ and the ‘minute taker’
  • Produced a structured meeting agenda to ensure the most important aspects are covered and to influence a value driven meeting
  • Applied a range of proven note-taking methods to ensure that relevant and accurate information is recorded
  • Demonstrated how to turn notes in to reader friendly minutes that communicates  outcomes clearly, concisely and consistently
  • Planned actions to commit to increasing the quality of meeting minutes produced





  • This course can be adapted to meet your business requirements and integrate your logo/ branding at a nominal fee.
  • Can form part of a Chartered Management Institute qualification or a professionally recognised programme.

Delivery Options

  • We deliver: Our Minute Taking training course is delivered in-house by Adalta professional facilitators for up to 12 participants.
  • You deliver: This course is available for you to purchase and deliver independently within your organisation.


  • We deliver: £1350 + VAT per course (equivalent to less than £115 per person based on 12 participants). Course rate includes materials. Excludes facilitator expenses.
  • You deliver: £1750 + VAT, rate includes all course material in electronic, editable format.