Managing Change


“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” (Tony Robbins).

Change occurs in everyday life often without us being aware of it. It is unavoidable in some cases instigated by events which are out of our control acting as a precursor to the change. This is strangely easier to cope with as we have no control or say what is happening to us so we adapt and alter our behaviour accordingly.

The thought of change in business varies from person to person. Some find change hard and rarely make the decision themselves; others are willing to adjust to change but rarely are the first to instigate it. There are also others who positively embrace change and are always reassessing current practices with a view to improve.  How people view and respond to change certainly influences the challenges that managers face when implementing new initiatives and helping their team to adapt to change positively and effectively.  Our Managing Change courses provide managers with the skills, behaviours and tools to facilitate change effectively.

Who Should Attend

Managers at all levels that are interested in learning how to lead others through change effectively should attend Adalta’s Managing Change course.


Our Managing Change courses enable participants to successfully promote change within their team and encourage buy in.  Participants will gain a greater understanding of why organisations change and the impact change has on individuals.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Gained a greater understanding of why organisations change and impact change has on individuals
  • Demonstrated coping strategies to handle resistance and influence people’s mind-set towards change
  • Applied practical tools that support innovation and generate ideas
  • Planned a proven approach to implement lasting & successful change




  • Managing change courses can be adapted to meet your business requirements and internal processes for a nominal fee.
  • Can form part of a Chartered Management Institute qualification or a professionally recognised programme.

Delivery Options

  • We deliver: Our managing change training course is delivered in-house by Adalta professional facilitators for up to 12 participants.
  • You deliver: This course is available for you to purchase and deliver independently within your organisation.


  • We deliver: £1350 + VAT per course (equivalent to less than £115 per person based on 12 participants). Course rate includes materials. Excludes facilitator expenses.
  • You deliver: £1750 + VAT, rate includes all course material in electronic, editable format.