Discipline and Grievance


Ensuring people know what is expected of them and the rules within which they operate is key to getting the best results from employees. Every organisation needs to have confidence that their managers are able to handle disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace effectively. Early intervention can help avoid issues escalating further.

Disciplinary procedures are an aid to effective management, enabling them to resolve issues quickly and cheaply rather than being used simply as a mechanism for imposing sanctions. This requires managers to have a practical, working knowledge of discipline and grievance procedures so that potentially disruptive issues can be resolved in the workplace rather than spilling over into a potentially costly employment tribunal.

As part of our Discipline and Grievance training course, participants will learn to manage discipline and grievance issues confidently and within legal/organisational requirements, as well as gaining some simple but effective tools and techniques that will help minimise or avoid the escalation of issues.  Case studies and simulations are integrated in to the course to support effective transfer of learning back into the workplace.

Who Should Attend

This practical 1-day Discipline and Grievance course is suitable for anyone who is required to deal with matters relating to discipline and grievance within their day-to-day role.


Adalta Discipline and Grievance courses aim to equip participants with essential knowledge and practical skills to effectively and confidently handle discipline and grievance issues when they arise in the workplace.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Understand the difference between disciplinary and grievance and the importance of having procedures in place
  • Review the legal requirements in relation to the handling of Discipline and Grievance in the workplace
  • Identify what is acceptable standards in performance, behaviour and conduct
  • Determine the difference between informal and formal action
  • Apply management techniques to ‘nip problems in the bud’ informally wherever possible to avoid escalation to formal action
  • Recognise and respond appropriately to the early warning signs of disciplinary and grievance
  • Carry out timely, effective investigations
  • State how to conduct a formal disciplinary meeting issues fairly and objectively using the correct policy and procedure




  • This course can be adapted to meet your business requirements and integrate your logo/ branding at a nominal fee.
  • Can form part of a Chartered Management Institute qualification or a professionally recognised programme.

Delivery Options

  • We deliver: Our Discipline and Grievance training course is delivered in-house by Adalta professional facilitators for up to 12 participants.
  • You deliver: This course is available for you to purchase and deliver independently within your organisation.


  • We deliver: £1350 + VAT per course (equivalent to less than £115 per person based on 12 participants). Course rate includes materials. Excludes facilitator expenses.
  • You deliver: £1750 + VAT, rate includes all course material in electronic, editable format.