Authentic Leadership


‘People don’t leave companies, they leave managers’.

In order to lead others effectively, we must first be effectively lead ourselves and set an example within the organisation.  At Adalta, we don’t start simply start with what makes a good leader; instead, we find it more powerful to turn this on its head and start with what makes someone choose to follow a leader.

Every leader faces the temptation to project a persona rather than be themselves. They think that to maintain the confidence of their team, they must appear faultless, flawless and wise. Yet most organisations need an authentic leader, not a perfect one. Today’s leader must develop the art of self-awareness. Don’t try to emulate someone else – start by simply being yourself. Share and be honest about your own struggles. Live and act according to your values. By doing this, you’ll immediately gain influence.

This Authentic Leadership Development course helps participants to hold up the mirror and really challenge themselves as an authentic leader.

Who Should Attend

Managers and leaders that want to increase the impact they have on others may wish to attend an Authentic Leadership Development training course.


The aim of this 1-day Authentic Leadership Development course is to enable participants to exercise effective  leadership within their organisation

By the end of this course, you will have:

  •  Explored the difference between management and leadership and how to get the balance right
  • Defined how to be a positive leadership role model, deploying the right attitude and behaviours to inspire trust and confidence
  • Examined your values and how these influence your  actions and behaviour
  • Gained an objective perspective on how your management and leadership potential is perceived within the organisation
  • Formulated compelling goals to further develop your management and leadership potential




  • This course can be adapted to meet your business requirements and integrate your logo/ branding at a nominal fee.
  • Can form part of a Chartered Management Institute qualification or a professionally recognised programme.

Delivery Options

  • We deliver: Our authentic leadership training course is delivered in-house by Adalta professional facilitators for up to 12 participants.
  • You deliver: This course is available for you to purchase and deliver independently within your organisation.


  • We deliver: £1350 + VAT per course (equivalent to less than £115 per person based on 12 participants). Course rate includes materials. Excludes facilitator expenses.
  • You deliver: £1750 + VAT, rate includes all course material in electronic, editable format.