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Five Coaching Skills to Boost Employee Performance

The complex and constantly changing world of work is fast paced and high pressured, and places increasingly tough demands on employees within organisations. A particularly powerful tool in the modern workplace is coaching. This has proven to be a highly effective way of developing individual and organisational performance by unlocking talent and capability.  The focus […]

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Blending Your Management Course

Today’s global workforce makes it more important than ever for organisations to have flexible means of accessing meaningful management courses. As the modern workforce becomes increasingly global and mobile, a question for HR and training professionals is: How do you deliver value driven training to remote management teams who may be working from different locations, […]

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8 Skills Your Junior Management Staff Need to Master

Without junior managers, your business would be much more difficult to run. Junior managers make your ideas come to life, and they are vital to the smooth operation of your company. As such, they need to have a set of essential skills to enable them to do their job well. So, what are the skills […]

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Handling Tricky Conversations

Conflict in the workplace can present itself in many forms. With increasing demands being made on employees and managers alike; potentially difficult and uncomfortable situations resulting in the need to handle those tricky conversations can become more frequent. The findings of The Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) latest survey, ‘Difficult Conversations’, reveal that people find having […]

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Get ahead and open more doors with a management qualification

We are pleased to launch a Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership open programme that will run from March and September of each year from 2014. This qualification is designed for practicing senior managers who wish to develop the core leadership skills required to effectively operate at a strategic level. Achieving a Level 7 Certificate […]

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Powerful tool to tackle negativity quickly

The Circle of Influence as featured in Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a versatile, flexible tool to use during training sessions, team meetings and briefings with groups of people. This is particularly useful to help address negativity and concerns which can be a drain on productivity and morale. It […]

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The Manager’s influence on motivating staff.

Motivation is not something you can expect from your team, it is something you have to nurture and develop. It requires conscious effort and requires you to get to really know your staff; their values, what makes them tick. Some would argue that people are not unmotivated; it’s just that the right motivation triggers have […]

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Winner of Management Book of the Year

Richard Newon has won the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management Book of the Year competition for his book: The Management Book: How to Manage Your Team to Deliver Outstanding Results. The book is structured in 36 short sections that you can dip into and read as an individual piece of advice. Focusing on the people […]

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Evolving a coaching culture.

We’re fans of Peter Hawkin’s book on coaching as a style of leading and managing, particularly, his seven steps to successfully evolve a coaching culture: Develop an effective panel of external coaches Develop internal coaching capacity Align coaching to organisational change Extend coaching to teams and apply it to organisational learning Embed coaching in HR’s […]

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A quick management tool.

You will probably be familiar with the term ‘brainstorming’ which was developed by Alex Osborn, in the 1950s. Whilst, some view the term itself as offensive, we find that many of our clients (ourselves included) still call this process by its original name. Brainstorming is a quick tool that helps you generate creative solutions to […]

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What is everyone reading?

We’ve just been reviewing the shortlist for the ‘Management Book of the Year’ with interest. Compiled in association with the British Library, this year’s books are focusing more on how to kick start growth during challenging times and the practical side of management. Two books worth reading include ‘Crucial Conversations’ by Patterson et al. and […]

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