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Five Coaching Skills to Boost Employee Performance

The complex and constantly changing world of work is fast paced and high pressured, and places increasingly tough demands on employees within organisations. A particularly powerful tool in the modern workplace is coaching. This has proven to be a highly effective way of developing individual and organisational performance by unlocking talent and capability.  The focus […]

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The Project Management Triangle

Cost. Quality. Time. In an ideal world, projects would come in on budget and would be completed on time to a high standard. However, this ideal is often unrealistic, and from time to time, we are forced to compromise on one or more of these 3 elements depending on which are the project imperatives. A […]

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Making the 20% Off-the- Job Learning Rule Work for the Business

A significant part of the new trailblazer Apprenticeships and probably the most talked about ‘funding rule’ is the 20% ‘off-the-job learning’ requirement. This is defined as learning which is undertaken outside of the normal day-to-day working environment and leads towards the achievement of an Apprenticeship. This can include training that is delivered at the Apprentice’s […]

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Basic Management Skills Training – Top of the Agenda

The annual Management Agenda report launched 15th Feb 2013 and turned up some interesting – yet not surprising – findings that suggest managers are lacking in basic management skills. The report concluded that leadership development is the number one strategy organisations are adopting for the future, but the fundamental lesson here is getting the right […]

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Are you in synch with your organisation’s values?

In our experience, it is rare to come across organisations that don’t have values. Yes, sometimes, they are a plaque on the wall but often, the majority know they exist and generally what the values are. Naturally, a lot of time is spent crafting organisational values but often little time is spent helping people to […]

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Is your organisation lacking delegation skills?

A crucial feature of leadership is delegation. An efficient leader is required to be able to delegate effectively. Managers of small teams or projects, departments and entire organisations are required to be able to delegate. This takes self-confidence and trust in others. A competent leader knows what should and shouldn’t be delegated and understands the […]

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Are you an Adapter or Innovator?

We are fans of Dr. Michael Kirton’s work around problem solving and innovation. After conducting extensive research, he discovered that people fall into two broad families which represent creative style (but not capacity): Adapters are those people who prefer to take ideas and improve them. These people are fairly cautious, practical and use standard approaches. […]

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Are nearly half of all UK line managers ineffective?

Nearly half of all UK line managers ‘are ineffective’… Yet new research reveals how management and leadership skills can drive up UK performance. 43% of managers consider their line managers to be ineffective, according to the largest ever in-depth study into the business benefits of management and leadership development, released recently by the Chartered Management […]

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Innovation versus control & discipline

Leadership development over recent years has traditionally placed great emphasis on the need for leaders to be innovative in order to lead their organisation to greater levels of success. Controversially, the author of Good to Great, Jim Collins believes that greatness comes from consistency rather than innovation. In his new book, ‘Great by Choice’, he […]

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Do you have Leadership Pipeline?

We love this book; it is so relevant to what is going on in Business today. Historically, people have been promoted due to their operational competence and then when they become managers, they require a whole new set of skills and behaviours and often do not receive the required leadership training to make them good managers. […]

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