Innovation creativity techniques

Can you mind-map?

Mind Maps are useful at both work and home. They were devel-oped in the late 1960’s by Tony Buzan as a way of helping students take and make notes for easier recall and learning. So, how do you mind map; where do you start? ‘Making a circle in the centre of your ‘map’ Start in […]

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Using Appreciative Inquiry

“Appreciative Inquiry” was pioneered by David Cooperrider in the mid 1980’s. This is often used in the context of problem solving and continuous improvement and represents a fantastic and versatile tool to use during team meetings, blue-sky discussions, training sessions etc.” To understand ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ it is useful to look at the meaning of two […]

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Are you truly a Professional?

We came across the following short quiz which consists of 4 questions and tells you whether you are truly a “professional”. The questions are not difficult! Answer each question before moving on to the next one and test this out on your colleagues and family. Questions How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? […]

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Is Innovation being put on the back burner?

We came across an interesting article the other day which challenges whether British business leaders are following their customer’s lead whilst putting innovation on the back burner. The report, The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2013: The UK Challenge, raises fears that UK bosses are being too guided by what customers want today rather than taking […]

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How open minded are you?

How open minded are you? Are you resistant to change? Innovation within the workplace isn`t just about changing something for the sake of it, it  involves examining how we do things and whether we can improve on them. This can relate to any aspect of the business environment from examining the current payroll setup and […]

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Quick Creativity Tool?

It is that time of year where we want to resolve what isn’t right and improve what we do. January is one of those months where we intend to start as we mean to go on. Most people are motivated to move away from problems, rather than towards solutions. This can often make ‘problem solving’ […]

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Are you an Adapter or Innovator?

We are fans of Dr. Michael Kirton’s work around problem solving and innovation. After conducting extensive research, he discovered that people fall into two broad families which represent creative style (but not capacity): Adapters are those people who prefer to take ideas and improve them. These people are fairly cautious, practical and use standard approaches. […]

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Mind-mapping to aid creativity

Mind maps were introduced by Tony Buzan and represent a way of quickly capturing thoughts and generating ideas on a subject. We use mind mapping as a practical tool during our Creativity and Innovation course. Once participants have cracked the technique, we find that many people start to ‘mind map’ as a quicker way of […]

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