Effective meetings

Choose three or five!

This is a fantastic opener or activity to help set the scene for a training session or team meeting. The purpose of the activity is to provide focus for further discussion and can either be facilitated individually or in small groups. Simply capture on a flipchart or slide three or five statements that team members […]

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These are the answers, now what are the questions

This icebreaker encourages more thought and discussion to the traditional question and answer approach when facilitating training or indeed when running meetings. All you will need is a flipchart and some markers. Preparation: 1. Create 10 questions based on the course key topics and the answers 2. Option is to split the group into smaller […]

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Do meetings destroy productivity?

Ever attended a meeting and not known the purpose or why you are there and maybe thinking, I have better things to do? You are not on your own! Meetings take up an increasing amount of time for managers; with research stipulating as much as 40%-50%. The reality is that consequently, managers have a lot […]

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Liven up your Team Meeting

We came across a simple yet powerful energiser to help you liven up your team meetings or training sessions. This activity is really flexible in that it can be used at the start of a meeting or session to help break the ice or it can be used at the end of a meeting or […]

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Could your meetings be more effective?

Time is precious, but can be quickly wasted during a dull unproductive, ineffective meeting. Meetings in some form or another cannot be avoided in the corporate world. In order for them to be productive, engaging and valuable some planning needs to take place in addition to knowing how to behave during them. Our running effective […]

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Are you getting the most from your business meetings?

It is one thing to organise and run a business meeting and another to organise and run an effective meeting! How often is the desired outcome achieved? Do you have to schedule another meeting to ensure missed points are covered? Meetings are key to organisations for management and communication. Effective meetings save time. Productivity and […]

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