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If 99.9% is good enough, then…

2 new-borns will be given the wrong parents daily 64 heart operations will be performed incorrectly this year 250 entries in the Oxford English dictionary will be misspelled 1,000 passengers will fly from Heathrow to the wrong destination – every week 2,791 items of post will be mishandled per hour 4,386 incorrect prescriptions will be […]

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Do you click with your customers?

The reality is customers make quick decisions. They are not loyal and tend to buy on instinct. The first impression created and the first human interaction they experience is crucial. Rapport is one of the most important aspects of unconscious customer interaction. Building rapport is about demonstrating an understanding of the other person’s map of […]

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Are you in touch with your touch-points?

This month we’re focusing on all things customer related. Look out for our other blogs written to help you improve customer relations. Customer focused organisations know how to maximise every customer touch point during the customer’s experience. A touch point is an interaction between a customer and the organisation’s brand and product or service. In […]

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Service Profit Chain

Many people are talking about the Service Profit Chain currently which comes from a recent Harvard Review. Interestingly, we are also currently delivering numerous customer service training projects around this for companies across different sectors and industries. Our view in the upturn of this type of training is that companies have to work much harder […]

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