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Finance for Non-financial Managers

Asking non-financial managers to produce a financial plan is likely to make most managers feel a degree of anxiety. The necessity for commercially savvy managers has become essential for driven organisa-tions and is no longer a bonus but is something organisations are looking for as an essential management skill. Managers can’t ignore finance. But finance […]

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Strategic Planning for Managers

Strategic planning is essential for managers and organisations in order to decide a direction to follow. Decisions may need to be made in order to allocate resources to pursue this strategy. It is necessary to understand the current position of the organisation first in order to determine the potential course of action and future direction. […]

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Managing Discipline and Grievance Training

Are you responsible for managing any discipline and grievance issues which may arise within your organisation? Do you possess the correct skills and behaviours in order to manage the procedures correctly? Do you have the legal, technical and practical knowledge to achieve the best outcome both for the organisation and individual concerned? It is fundamental […]

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Equality and Diversity Training

Are your managers, supervisors or team leaders fully equipped to understand about the meaning and importance of equality and diversity both in the workplace and within the communities they serve? Do they understand the potential impact of prejudice and discrimination? And equally do they understand their rights both as an employer and as an individual? […]

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Are you working towards the end result all on your own?

John Paul Getty famously said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.” This is only true of course if that 1% of work is worth having! Usually the key for a successful team lies with its leader. It is the leader who ensures the team performs […]

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Coaching Skills Training Courses

A recent study has shown that many managers are failing to support their staff with regard to providing coaching, training and mentoring. This results in poor staff performance and the inability to pass on their skills to others leading to reduced staff moral and motivation. It`s not all bad news though, Managers do appear to […]

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Maximise staff potential

A recent study has shown the biggest failing of managers is the lack of coaching staff to help improve their performance. Managers appear to be excelling in technical excellence, commitment to the business and their customers but are not maximising staff potential. Failing to support their staff with regard to providing coaching, training and mentoring […]

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How open minded are you?

How open minded are you? Are you resistant to change? Innovation within the workplace isn`t just about changing something for the sake of it, it  involves examining how we do things and whether we can improve on them. This can relate to any aspect of the business environment from examining the current payroll setup and […]

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Why team members need good facilitators

The skill of Facilitation is a highly valuable skill to have. The ability to produce the activity that enables tasks for others easier can be of great benefit to an organisation. Any team members who are looking to lead anything from a project team or work group to managing an entire department would benefit from […]

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Planning ahead makes sense!

Planning ahead makes sense. Both in business and our private lives. The process of strategic planning within an organisation is essential to determine the direction and progress of the company in the future. In order to do this it’s current position, the possibilities for the course of action and the resources available need to be […]

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Do you have what it takes?

This conversational coaching course enables participants to learn and develop the expertise to apply conversational coaching to a variety of subjects in a number of situations. By acquiring the skills needed to support and develop team members the participant will create an effective and progressive workforce. Conversational Coaching Training Duration: 1-day Overview: This conversational coaching […]

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