Assertiveness skills course

Handling Tricky Conversations

Conflict in the workplace can present itself in many forms. With increasing demands being made on employees and managers alike; potentially difficult and uncomfortable situations resulting in the need to handle those tricky conversations can become more frequent. The findings of The Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) latest survey, ‘Difficult Conversations’, reveal that people find having […]

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Lessons from the animal kingdom

To help people really grasp the difference between the four core communication styles, assertive, aggressive, passive and passive aggressive; a great warm up activity is to relate this to the animal kingdom. Invite colleagues to consider an animal that most closely represents the following and their subsequent behaviours: – I’m OK, You’re OK – I’m […]

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How assertive are you?

Do you consider yourself to be assertive? Is that how others perceive you? Do you always get the result you are aiming for? Or do you rarely succeed and find yourself ignored or not taken seriously? Our assertiveness skills course introduces the ability to confidently communicate with others in a range of situations. By understanding […]

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