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Developing self awareness training By increasing self awareness we can develop an understanding of how we are perceived by others and whether this perception is having the desired effect. This course is recommended as a foundation for personal learning and development. Our developing self-awareness training course explores the link between feedback and performance. Participants will learn how to improve their performance/profile with this in mind.

Developing Self-Awareness training

Duration: 1-day

Overview: This enlightening course will build each participant’s self-awareness by using techniques to access information about themselves. They then can use the information to develop an understanding of how they are perceived by others and the effect this has on their performance and profile. Participants the link between feedback and performance can be explored enabling their performance and profile to be maximised within the organisation.

What participants will gain:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • The ability and talent which will enable them to obtain performance feedback in a positive and objective manner
  • A targeted personal development plan
  • A clear and objective understanding of their strengths & areas for personal development
  • A more focused approach to work, leading to increased performance and results

Suitable for: Those who wish to become more self-aware and those who require a foundation to personal learning and development.

Delivery options:

  • Full day or 2 x ½ day sessions
  • Classroom-based training course
  • One-to-one coaching

Customisation options:
A 360° profiling exercise is a key part of this course, however inclusion is optional, this can be customised (e.g. aligned to competency frameworks, behavioural competencies, etc.)
Course content can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation

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