Get the right person for the right job the first time!

Are your interviewing and recruitment skills a little rusty? Or do you have no experience with regard to interviewing and recruitment? If this is the case we can help. Our interviewing and recruitment skills training course will take you through each relevant stage from section of candidates through to the confidence and skills to make […]

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Are you a good mentor?

Do you have what it takes to make a good mentor? In order to mentor others effectively and professionally there are certain questions you could ask yourself. Does helping others succeed appeal to you? Are you capable of active listening without interrupting and launching into anecdotes of your own? Are you trustworthy and empathetic? Are […]

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Liven up your Team Meeting

We came across a simple yet powerful energiser to help you liven up your team meetings or training sessions. This activity is really flexible in that it can be used at the start of a meeting or session to help break the ice or it can be used at the end of a meeting or […]

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Switch on to finance!

Let’s face it not everyone gets excited by numbers. Love it or hate it, commercially savvy managers have climbed to the top of the wish list for driven organisations. No longer a ‘nice to have’ skill financial awareness and competence is an essential management talent nowadays. Finance can be fun and we have put together […]

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Winner of Management Book of the Year

Richard Newon has won the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management Book of the Year competition for his book: The Management Book: How to Manage Your Team to Deliver Outstanding Results. The book is structured in 36 short sections that you can dip into and read as an individual piece of advice. Focusing on the people […]

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Have you still got what it takes?

Even for those with a wealth of presenting experience, ensuring you get the message across in a precise and clear way to your audience can be daunting and challenging. Our advanced presentation skills training course is ideal for those experienced presenters who need to either refresh their previous knowledge or concentrate on improving existing skills […]

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To delegate or not to delegate

Delegation as a process is relatively simple; so why do so many managers we work with struggle to let go? Do the benefits out-weight the struggle – we certainly think so. Delegation, if well managed, can help supervisors and managers to: Get results through their team Encourage team members to take responsibility for tasks that […]

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Staff appraisals – How effective are you?

In order to assesses an employee’s performance and productivity over a period of time most organisations will conduct a performance appraisal. This is generally a systematic and periodic process to ascertain whether the individual is fulfilling their role within the organisation. Certain criteria and organisational objectives should have been pre-established and agreed by the individual […]

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Basic Management Skills Training – Top of the Agenda

The annual Management Agenda report launched 15th Feb 2013 and turned up some interesting – yet not surprising – findings that suggest managers are lacking in basic management skills. The report concluded that leadership development is the number one strategy organisations are adopting for the future, but the fundamental lesson here is getting the right […]

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Are you getting your point across?

Have you read the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss? This is an ideal example of how important the use of grammar and basic punctuation can be while writing and sending emails. Trying to get your point across via a badly written email can take several time consuming attempts. Using the most appropriate […]

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Why don’t managers just say what needs to be said!

It’s easy to say thank you and to say ‘you’ve done a good job’ when things are going well. When things are not going so well, we find that many managers struggle with how to say what they really want to say to staff and end up not saying anything which escalates the problems. We […]

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