Business training courses add value

How often do companies spend time and money making sure that assets in the company such as machinery, company cars and buildings are maintained and serviced and yet their biggest asset gets overlooked. Too often the assets that go up and down in the lift, whether they be directors, managers or shop floor personnel, fail […]

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Stretching management at Matalan

We are about to kick off our ‘Stretching Up’ programme with our client, Matalan for the fifth year running! This is a bespoke middle management programme which has been developed and refined in conjunction with Matalan. It  comprises 8 one day units and focuses on developing personal and interpersonal leadership. Adalta have worked closely with […]

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Struggling managers need help.

Recent research from the Chartered Management Institute highlights the struggles facing managers today – it makes frightening but perhaps not unexpected reading. 84% of managers are struggling to prioritise their work 71% are battling to finish tasks 63% struggle to find time to think 53% struggle to set any time aside for strategic planning 49% […]

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Leadership skills reading

We have been recommended a book which may be of use for those of you interested in developing your leadership skills. It is called The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead by Ulrich, Smallwood and Sweetman. It establishes five essential principles, Shape the Future, Make Things Happen, Engage Today’s Talent, Build the Next Generation and […]

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Funding available to drive profits

When building and sustaining a successful business (and especially through an economic downturn), it is widely acknowledged that skilled managers are the key to driving results. The secret is to provide development that will extract the very best from each individual to the benefit of the organisation and at the same time keep hold of […]

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Presentation skills courses help make the difference

As business gets tougher and the opportunities to get in front of prospects contract, it is vital that you and your employees grasp the initiative. Converting leads to sales requires outstanding presentation skills, amongst other things, in order to make sure your products or services are presented in the most effective way. Here at Adalta […]

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TOP Programme proves real hit with execs

Since launching the new Tapping Organisational Potential programme aimed at senior managers and executives, client feedback suggests that there really isn’t anything on the market like this at the moment. It’s a powerful, high impact development programme aimed specifically at leaders. It enables them to identify where they are on the leadership spectrum and, more […]

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Welcome to our blog. This will provide you with news and views from Adalta, together with interesting information on the world of training and personal development. We hope you find it of interest in the weeks and months to come. We will also give you updates on the business training courses we have to offer.

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