New year, resolutions for change

As salutations of ‘Happy New Year!’ echo around the business community, beneath the surface there are probably quite a few fingers being crossed and economic crystal balls being studied carefully. At the end of the day, businesses that do not change and move with the times are dead in the water. Which is why we […]

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Are customers in love with you?

Well maybe not in love but willing advocates at least! It’s a well known fact that a high proportion of your future sales will come from your existing customer base – always assuming that you are treating them right and delivering an appropriate level of products and services. And yet it is always amazing to […]

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Interviewing – a lost art?

These days, in many organisations, interviewing is left to the poor individual who needs a member of staff, irrespective of whether they have any experience of conducting successful and appropriate interviews or not. Not only can this lead to inane questions and long diatribes about the benefits of working for the company, but as a […]

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Making the telephone a success.

We all know when telephone selling doesn’t work – we’ve all been on the receiving end of mind-numbingly awful attempts to sell over the phone. And yet getting through to the right person and having empathy with that person can lead to some very powerful opportunities if treated in the right way. However without proper […]

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Where there’s brains there’s Brawn

As Jenson Button wins the F1 world chanpionship today, we can’t help looking at the close knit team that Ross Brawn has created in a short space of time to clinch the championship, arguably against all the odds. From drivers to engineers, pit crew to back room boys, from sponsorship chasers and PR people, all […]

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Change – grasp the chameleon!

Everyone knows that chameleons change colour to match their surroundings, right? Wrong. Some chameleons can change colour, but they do it for other reasons: If a chameleon is feeling cold, it becomes darker, because dark colours absorb more heat. If a panther chameleon is angry, it turns reddish or yellowish. This warns other chameleons it’s […]

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Tackling a hot potato….

The art of influencing is a hot potato at the moment. Everyone gains from having more influence – especially in the current economic climate. Have you ever wondered what more you could achieve if you could sell yourself, your ideas and your services more effectively? Adalta help individuals and businesses develop powerful influencing behaviours that […]

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Can management development continue to be an act of faith?

The CMI continually stress the need for a management and leadership revolution to meet the challenges facing Britain. There’s a fundamental need for better recognition of what managers do and how they shape our economy. Research from the Work Organization Research Unit at the University of Bradford worryingly highlights that the typical approach to management […]

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Success – it’s all in the mind

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! In the training world many of my colleagues predict an upturn in business and display cautious optimism amidst the growing feeling in the UK economy that the seeds of recovery may well be taking root and that the shoots of new growth are appearing in the […]

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Caps lock worker out of job

Hot on the heels of our recent post on e-mail courses to ensure the most appropriate use of this growing medium, is an interesting or perhaps disturbing development. The following article demonstrates all too starkly the problems employees and employers can get into with this medium, communicating with staff and customers alike. Vicki Walker was […]

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Busy day! Got nothing done…..

How often do you feel like this? The time flies by as you negotiate needless phone calls, interruptions meetings that don’t seem to go anywhere. And when you do grab a moment to yourself you spend more time deciding what to do rather than actually getting something done. Personal productivity techniques can not only make […]

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