Accidental managers

According to recent research conducted by the CMI, 68% of managers admit to being ‘accidental managers’, i.e. became a manager by default. These stats are of no surprise to us. In all our years of delivering in-house management development programmes, the vast majority of managers we train admit to being promoted because of their operational […]

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Change is the only constant

It amazes us how many employees still believe that there is a sea of calm just around the corner when they are riding the wave of change. The reality of course, is that this is rarely the case, as the tide keeps coming in and with it new waves of change. We must stop staff […]

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Do you always do what you have always done?

In response to client’s needs and flexible requirements, we’re being creative not only when and where we deliver training but also how we deliver it. What is interesting is that over the last 5 years, the way we deliver training has seen a significant increase in work-based learning; more links to current work projects and […]

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Brits pull most sickies in Europe

One in five employees in the UK have admitted that the last time they took a ‘sick day’ was actually for personal reasons rather than because they were ill. In Britain, another one in eight workers took time off to look after another member of their family. The study also showed that half of Britons […]

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Life balance tops wish list.

Following some research carried out by the Chartered Management Institute and the British Library, to understand the top topics that managers want to read about, ‘How to achieve a good work-life balance’ was the most popular sought after topic with 40%. 31% were interested in ‘how to manage people’. 30% were interested in ‘how to […]

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Death by Powerpoint……

In many ways Powerpoint has a lot to answer for. Sure it has provided us with a quick and easy means of putting information on a screen. But in a sense, the speed and ease of use means that often we do not think carefully enough about the content before we unleash it on our […]

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A problem shared……..

Do you remember when the Rubik’s cube first came out? It seemed initially such a simple problem to solve and yet the more you tried the worse it seemed to get. Frustration and disillusionment soon sank in, not helped by some callow youth strolling over to the wretched thing and solving it in minutes with […]

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Dragon training…..

We spotted an interesting article the other day with a novel approach to training. Duncan Bannatyne, he of Dragon’s Den, has found a novel way of encouraging his staff to gain additional skills in his health clubs. He calls it the Cosgrove Scale, (we don’t know why either!) and its remarkably simple. When you start […]

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Is your team performing?

Whether you manage a sales team , a customer service team, or even a football team, the most important thing is to get a good performance week in and week out. And that means getting the best out of a whole range of individuals and moulding them into a successful unit. Great teams don’t evolve […]

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Time off for training – it’s your right.

From April 2010 certain employees will gain the right to request time off for business training or study. Known as ‘time to train’ this is new Government legislation that is intended to increase the level of training within the workforce. A third of employers currently do not offer any form of training which leaves around […]

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People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers

A well worn phrase, which we find ourselves using regularly, but a recent survey by the CMI has again proved it to be true. A staggering 50% of UK workers had left previous employment because of poor management. So what leads to this frightening statistic? Apparently the survey concludes that: 68% of managers had simply […]

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