Are you getting the message across?

Ineffective and inconsistent communication skills can be a major disadvantage when projecting ideas or instructions to colleagues or potential business partners. The approach we take is practical rather than academic. We have many years of experience working with a wide range of organisations, both private and public. We align each qualification to our client’s organisation, […]

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Are you too busy to develop new training for your staff?

Designing and developing quality training courses takes up valuable time and resources, which many organisations simply don’t have in the current business climate. It also requires the right resource capability, as developing great training requires creativity, skill, knowledge and experience to do properly. With over 150 proven business, management and soft skills training courses to […]

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Negotiation is a recognised management skill – do you have it?

Most people negotiate all the time, either subconsciously or consciously. Some find it easier than others, whether it is at work, home or in a role as a consumer. If you are in the group who find the process of negotiation as something to be avoided at all costs you will benefit from negation skills […]

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A quick management tool.

You will probably be familiar with the term ‘brainstorming’ which was developed by Alex Osborn, in the 1950s. Whilst, some view the term itself as offensive, we find that many of our clients (ourselves included) still call this process by its original name. Brainstorming is a quick tool that helps you generate creative solutions to […]

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Is your organisation lacking delegation skills?

A crucial feature of leadership is delegation. An efficient leader is required to be able to delegate effectively. Managers of small teams or projects, departments and entire organisations are required to be able to delegate. This takes self-confidence and trust in others. A competent leader knows what should and shouldn’t be delegated and understands the […]

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Are you an Adapter or Innovator?

We are fans of Dr. Michael Kirton’s work around problem solving and innovation. After conducting extensive research, he discovered that people fall into two broad families which represent creative style (but not capacity): Adapters are those people who prefer to take ideas and improve them. These people are fairly cautious, practical and use standard approaches. […]

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Building self-awareness…

By increasing self awareness we can develop an understanding of how we are perceived by others and whether this perception is having the desired effect. This course is recommended as a foundation for personal learning and development. Our developing self-awareness training course explores the link between feedback and performance. Participants will learn how to improve […]

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Why the Line Manager is the key to successful training?

Learning and development is a shared responsibility which is becoming increasingly recognised and accepted. In our experience, the role of the line manager is fundamental in supporting learners to test out new skills and approaches. This level of local support often increases the willingness for learners to engage with the training and helps to promote […]

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Meant to Mentor?

So we all know that mentoring has been around for donkeys’ years. According to Clutterbuck (2001) modern mentoring has its origin in the concept of apprenticeships. When the guilds of craftsman dominated the commercial world, the young apprentice was taken under the wing of an older, more experienced master craftsman. It was through this relationship […]

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How good are your presentation skills?

Good presentation and public speaking skill are within everyone’s reach. Our presentation skills training courses will guide you through the pitfalls and common mistakes providing you with the skills and knowledge to turn you into a confident speaker who engages their audience creating an impact. Effective Presentation Skills Training Duration: 2-days Overview: This practical course […]

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How to inspire your team

Today as part of our featured article series regarding specific business courses we concentrate on the innovative leader. We run a wide range of leadership coaching courses catering for the experienced manager or supervisor in addition to the candidate who is new to team leading. The knowledge and skills gained will enable them to become […]

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