Many hands make light work

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”. The words of John D. Rockefeller – a well known quote stating clearly the benefits of team building. By acquiring the skills to develop their team members to share the same target and aspirations as them, leaders and managers […]

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Quick Creativity Tool?

It is that time of year where we want to resolve what isn’t right and improve what we do. January is one of those months where we intend to start as we mean to go on. Most people are motivated to move away from problems, rather than towards solutions. This can often make ‘problem solving’ […]

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Managing sickness absence in the workplace.

Sickness absence in the workplace needs to be handled correctly or it can get out of hand. Absenteeism has nearly doubled since the onset of the resession due to increased pressure and stress. This can cause employers thousands each year. Our managing sickness absence in the workplace course is ideal for participants to gain the […]

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Learn the benefit of networking.

Networking is a vital part of business activity. Many argue business networking is a more cost-effective method of generating new business than other means such as advertising public relations exercises. Our networking skills training course provides participants with the opportunity to develop the techniques and skills needed to network with a positive outcome. Participants will […]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Festive greetings to all our clients – we wish you all a very happy new year.

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Are you getting the most from your business meetings?

It is one thing to organise and run a business meeting and another to organise and run an effective meeting! How often is the desired outcome achieved? Do you have to schedule another meeting to ensure missed points are covered? Meetings are key to organisations for management and communication. Effective meetings save time. Productivity and […]

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Introducing the new Level 5 Qualifications in Business Support

We are pleased to launch the new Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 qualifications in Business Support. These qualifications are aimed at Advisers that support the SME Market. The core units within these qualifications are focused on developing effective business support relationships with clients, enabling the client to analyse the business and implement change, developing […]

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Develop your coaching and mentoring skills

Coaching and mentoring courses from Adalta are ideal for Managers, Supervisors or Team leaders who are responsible for managing the development/ performance of others. Raise the quality and impact of management and leadership with our coaching and mentoring skills course. Research has shown these skills can have considerable impact on both individuals and the performance […]

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Evolving a coaching culture.

We’re fans of Peter Hawkin’s book on coaching as a style of leading and managing, particularly, his seven steps to successfully evolve a coaching culture: Develop an effective panel of external coaches Develop internal coaching capacity Align coaching to organisational change Extend coaching to teams and apply it to organisational learning Embed coaching in HR’s […]

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How assertive are you?

Do you consider yourself to be assertive? Is that how others perceive you? Do you always get the result you are aiming for? Or do you rarely succeed and find yourself ignored or not taken seriously? Our assertiveness skills course introduces the ability to confidently communicate with others in a range of situations. By understanding […]

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Are you in synch with your organisation’s values?

In our experience, it is rare to come across organisations that don’t have values. Yes, sometimes, they are a plaque on the wall but often, the majority know they exist and generally what the values are. Naturally, a lot of time is spent crafting organisational values but often little time is spent helping people to […]

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