Coaching = Engagement = Results

Our economy is growing at the fastest pace since the recession, yet organisations still face uncertainty and this has a more profound effect on employees than many business leaders realise. When we ask organisations for their wish list in terms of what they would most like to be different, employee engagement in all its forms […]

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Get ahead. Get feedback. *FREE TOOL*

‘We all need people who will give us feedback, that’s how we improve’ (Bill Gates) ‘Feedback is a free education to excellence. Seek it with sincerity, receive it with grace.’ (Anne Marie Houghtailing) The work place and the way we work together are changing greatly. More than ever the capacity to create clear, open communications […]

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Just say no!

Managers are increasingly expected to achieve more with less. This requires the ability to make on the spot decisions in a way that values their time and supports the achievement of their objectives. When faced with conflicting demands daily, effective managers cannot say yes to everyone, they must think strategically about their priorities. Saying no […]

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