Networking tips

Networking in and outside of the organisation is becoming an increasingly important managerial skill. In simple terms, networking involves developing and activating relationships to increase business, enhance your knowledge and expand your influence. Below are some invaluable tips to help you effectively network with others: Make a great first impression Smile, make eye contact, have […]

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The Manager’s influence on motivating staff.

Motivation is not something you can expect from your team, it is something you have to nurture and develop. It requires conscious effort and requires you to get to really know your staff; their values, what makes them tick. Some would argue that people are not unmotivated; it’s just that the right motivation triggers have […]

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The power of metaphors when coaching

This short activity uses metaphors for individuals to share how they are feeling right now. It can provide a valuable insight into people’s emotional state and introduces the use of imagery/metaphors as a highly effective coaching tool to elicit emotions/feelings linked to their current situation. Different images are presented on a sheet. The Coach simply […]

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The Value of Management and Leadership qualifications

We came across some interesting research which supports the value of management and leadership qualifications; highlighting the impact within an organisation. The Chartered Management Institute adopted a multi-method approach, combining a quantitative survey of 1,185 managers with a series of employer case studies. The report examines managers’ general perceptions of management qualifications and the impact […]

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