The Triple Constraint

The ‘triple constraint’ (sometimes referred to as the Project Management Triangle) is a simple tool that helps us prioritise the key performance factors within the project. In an ideal world, projects would be cheap (cost), done well (quality) and done quick (time). However, this ideal is often unrealistic. Sometimes we are forced to compromise on […]

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Choose your attitude!

“Attitude is like a wrist watch…every watch may show different time than others but everyone thinks that their watch is showing the right time, so if you are reading this and thinking your attitude is the right one, the reality is that there is no right or wrong attitude, it’s just negative and/or positive` Betari’s […]

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Are you emotionally intelligent?

Have you ever had a conversation at work in which you felt: Your anger got the better of you? You couldn’t really express what you wanted to say? The other person wasn’t really ‘there’? Being in a bad mood affected your ability to listen attentively? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then […]

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These are the answers, now what are the questions

This icebreaker encourages more thought and discussion to the traditional question and answer approach when facilitating training or indeed when running meetings. All you will need is a flipchart and some markers. Preparation: 1. Create 10 questions based on the course key topics and the answers 2. Option is to split the group into smaller […]

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