Just say No!

Easy to say but very difficult to do in practice! Why do people find it so hard to say no? There are lots of reasons from not wanting to be rude to wanting to be liked; with many people struggling to say no to their boss. Those people that struggle saying no may find themselves […]

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Lessons from the animal kingdom

To help people really grasp the difference between the four core communication styles, assertive, aggressive, passive and passive aggressive; a great warm up activity is to relate this to the animal kingdom. Invite colleagues to consider an animal that most closely represents the following and their subsequent behaviours: – I’m OK, You’re OK – I’m […]

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Why feedback is like a Christmas jumper?

A great analogy to use when discussing the process of giving feedback is to relate it to an unwanted present received by a loved one. For me, it has to be my Gran’s famous Christmas jumpers! When I was nine years old, I received a Christmas present from my lovely Gran – it was beautifully […]

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Ten common mistakes for report writing

1.   Typos, poor punctuation and grammatical errors Avoid careless mistakes at all costs. They say, ‘This person can’t write’ or, ‘This person doesn’t care enough to check what they’ve written’. And often they result in a client questioning how much care you will take with their business. Read through everything. Check and then recheck and […]

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Cure for Nervousness

Research shows that people’s most dreaded experience is speaking in public! Managers are increasingly expected to present in meetings and communicate to groups and present themselves to internal and external customers. The misconception is that nerves are bad – they can be good when channelled in the right way. Nervousness occurs as a result of […]

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