5 Questions to ask a Training Provider

To ensure that you receive value when working with any training provider, we recommend that you ask the following five questions. These are designed to also help you validate your investment and ensure that the right things are being done to influence the rights results. 1.   How will you align the course content to meet […]

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Why team members need good facilitators

The skill of Facilitation is a highly valuable skill to have. The ability to produce the activity that enables tasks for others easier can be of great benefit to an organisation. Any team members who are looking to lead anything from a project team or work group to managing an entire department would benefit from […]

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Planning ahead makes sense!

Planning ahead makes sense. Both in business and our private lives. The process of strategic planning within an organisation is essential to determine the direction and progress of the company in the future. In order to do this it’s current position, the possibilities for the course of action and the resources available need to be […]

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Why do I have to work with that idiot?

Most of us have said or thought this at some point. You can choose your friends but not your work colleagues. Bad working relations are a real issue in the workplace, having a negative effect on trust, morale, health and well-being, performance and ultimately results. This is surprisingly common and in our experience it happens […]

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Do you have what it takes?

This conversational coaching course enables participants to learn and develop the expertise to apply conversational coaching to a variety of subjects in a number of situations. By acquiring the skills needed to support and develop team members the participant will create an effective and progressive workforce. Conversational Coaching Training Duration: 1-day Overview: This conversational coaching […]

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Do meetings destroy productivity?

Ever attended a meeting and not known the purpose or why you are there and maybe thinking, I have better things to do? You are not on your own! Meetings take up an increasing amount of time for managers; with research stipulating as much as 40%-50%. The reality is that consequently, managers have a lot […]

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Get the right person for the right job the first time!

Are your interviewing and recruitment skills a little rusty? Or do you have no experience with regard to interviewing and recruitment? If this is the case we can help. Our interviewing and recruitment skills training course will take you through each relevant stage from section of candidates through to the confidence and skills to make […]

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