Are you getting your point across?

Have you read the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss? This is an ideal example of how important the use of grammar and basic punctuation can be while writing and sending emails. Trying to get your point across via a badly written email can take several time consuming attempts. Using the most appropriate […]

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Why don’t managers just say what needs to be said!

It’s easy to say thank you and to say ‘you’ve done a good job’ when things are going well. When things are not going so well, we find that many managers struggle with how to say what they really want to say to staff and end up not saying anything which escalates the problems. We […]

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Could your meetings be more effective?

Time is precious, but can be quickly wasted during a dull unproductive, ineffective meeting. Meetings in some form or another cannot be avoided in the corporate world. In order for them to be productive, engaging and valuable some planning needs to take place in addition to knowing how to behave during them. Our running effective […]

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A practical delegation tool!

As workloads grow and resources reduce, there is an ever increasing need for managers to effectively delegate to others. Effective delegation we find is the one skill that many managers struggle as it becomes hard to ‘let go’. RACI is a quick delegation tool that managers and supervisors can use to delegate tasks to others, […]

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The do’s and dont’s of managing discipline and grievance

Failure to follow the correct procedures when handling discipline and grievance in the workplace can have significant consequences. When resolving internal disputes legal/organisational requirements need to be adhered to enable a professional outcome. Our managing discipline and grievance business training courses is directed at Managers, supervisors or team leaders who are responsible for managing others. […]

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Want to achieve a management qualification 50% faster?

Adalta are now offering fast track coaching for short qualifications all levels from level 2 (team leader) to level 7 (senior management). This study route is ideal for those managers that prefer an intensive, structured approach to achieve a CMI qualification and wish to minimise the time away from the business. Interestingly our fast-track coaching […]

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Empowering employees

“An empowered organisation is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organisational success.” Stephen Covey A good leader will recognise when team members are comfortable with their roles and are ready to assume more responsibility. A good leader empowers staff and […]

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Expectations for 2013

With the economy as it has been over recent times, the role of the manager has never been more challenging. It is always good to come across some research suggesting that things are starting to turn around for the better. The latest in the CMI’s Future Forecast series, expectations for 2013, shows that positivity among […]

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