Can you make an elevator pitch?

An ‘elevator pitch’ involves being able to introduce your role/ project/ company etc. quickly, succinctly and in a compelling way. There exist many opportunities in the day to positively influence stakeholders, bosses, clients etc. Those that are not prepared, miss out on such opportunities. A typical scenario involves somebody asking you ‘how are things going?’ […]

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Are you getting the most from your employees?

Managing and reviewing employees’ performance effectively and consistently is an essential part of the manager’s role. Regular contact to manage and review staff is essential to guarantee the optimum level of performance. This Employee management performance course from Adalta provides participants the key skills and tools to ascertain employees capability, establishing goals and expectations and […]

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Level 5 Qualifications in Business Support have now gone live!

We are pleased to now offer the new Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 qualifications in Business Support via the following study routes: In-house programmes (4 or more learners) Distance learning Fast Track Coaching These qualifications are aimed at Advisers that support the SME Market. The core units within these qualifications are focused on developing […]

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How safe is your job?

Facing job redundancy is a daunting prospect and for some can only be faced by not thinking about it. A little forward planning with a redundancy plan can lessen the effects and reduce the time it takes to move forward and find a replacement. We offer support in the form of our job redundancy workshop. […]

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Quick team prioritisation tool

When working with a group, often a ‘best idea’ needs to be selected and agreed. Depending on who is facilitating this process, this simple concept of agreeing an idea can take in practice too long and in some instances be left open ended. It can be difficult when working in a group, particularly with different […]

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Many hands make light work

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”. The words of John D. Rockefeller – a well known quote stating clearly the benefits of team building. By acquiring the skills to develop their team members to share the same target and aspirations as them, leaders and managers […]

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Quick Creativity Tool?

It is that time of year where we want to resolve what isn’t right and improve what we do. January is one of those months where we intend to start as we mean to go on. Most people are motivated to move away from problems, rather than towards solutions. This can often make ‘problem solving’ […]

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Managing sickness absence in the workplace.

Sickness absence in the workplace needs to be handled correctly or it can get out of hand. Absenteeism has nearly doubled since the onset of the resession due to increased pressure and stress. This can cause employers thousands each year. Our managing sickness absence in the workplace course is ideal for participants to gain the […]

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