Mind-mapping to aid creativity

Mind maps were introduced by Tony Buzan and represent a way of quickly capturing thoughts and generating ideas on a subject. We use mind mapping as a practical tool during our Creativity and Innovation course. Once participants have cracked the technique, we find that many people start to ‘mind map’ as a quicker way of […]

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Are you being passed the monkey?

‘Monkeys’ in this context are other people’s problems that somehow end up on your back. In reality, this is easily done. Often requests for your time are fuelled by other people’s priorities and tend to arrive by e-mail! Beware of these monkeys; each time you say ‘Yes’, you are picking up another monkey. The longer […]

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Management in 10 Words

We’re big fans of Sir Terry Leahy’s new book, ‘Management in 10 words’. Sir Terry Leahy is a great example of what hard work and determination can achieve and provides inspiration in any management training course. As someone who started at Tesco stacking shelves; progressing at a pace to becoming Chief Executive 18 years later, […]

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Human Bingo

We used a great energiser recently during our Building a High Performance Team course called ‘Human Bingo’. This energiser follows ordinary bingo rules, except that the game is played while mingling in the classroom or at a party looking for specific “people” characteristics. The object of the game is to find individuals within the room […]

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