Turning training on its head?

At Adalta, we’ve noticed a big shift during 2011 in terms of what customers are asking for and how they want this training to be delivered. It is now common for OD practitioners to require training that is delivered within a shorter lead time; with the demand for evidence of how this is tailored to […]

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How long does coaching really take?

Contrary to what many managers may think, coaching can be very conversational and can take as little as 3 minutes. We find that many supervisors and managers benefit from the following tool when coaching team members ‘on the job’. Conversational coaching is a quick and easy tool to use when wanting to instil more responsibility […]

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How does your workplace stack up?

The credible Gallup Organisation has spent more than 30 years of in-depth research involving more than 12 million employees to determine how to best measure the core of a strong workplace. Their research concluded that measuring the strength of a workplace can be simplified to twelve questions. These twelve questions don’t capture everything you may […]

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