A problem shared……..

Do you remember when the Rubik’s cube first came out? It seemed initially such a simple problem to solve and yet the more you tried the worse it seemed to get. Frustration and disillusionment soon sank in, not helped by some callow youth strolling over to the wretched thing and solving it in minutes with […]

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Dragon training…..

We spotted an interesting article the other day with a novel approach to training. Duncan Bannatyne, he of Dragon’s Den, has found a novel way of encouraging his staff to gain additional skills in his health clubs. He calls it the Cosgrove Scale, (we don’t know why either!) and its remarkably simple. When you start […]

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Is your team performing?

Whether you manage a sales team , a customer service team, or even a football team, the most important thing is to get a good performance week in and week out. And that means getting the best out of a whole range of individuals and moulding them into a successful unit. Great teams don’t evolve […]

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Time off for training – it’s your right.

From April 2010 certain employees will gain the right to request time off for business training or study. Known as ‘time to train’ this is new Government legislation that is intended to increase the level of training within the workforce. A third of employers currently do not offer any form of training which leaves around […]

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