Where there’s brains there’s Brawn

As Jenson Button wins the F1 world chanpionship today, we can’t help looking at the close knit team that Ross Brawn has created in a short space of time to clinch the championship, arguably against all the odds. From drivers to engineers, pit crew to back room boys, from sponsorship chasers and PR people, all […]

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Change – grasp the chameleon!

Everyone knows that chameleons change colour to match their surroundings, right? Wrong. Some chameleons can change colour, but they do it for other reasons: If a chameleon is feeling cold, it becomes darker, because dark colours absorb more heat. If a panther chameleon is angry, it turns reddish or yellowish. This warns other chameleons it’s […]

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Tackling a hot potato….

The art of influencing is a hot potato at the moment. Everyone gains from having more influence – especially in the current economic climate. Have you ever wondered what more you could achieve if you could sell yourself, your ideas and your services more effectively? Adalta help individuals and businesses develop powerful influencing behaviours that […]

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