Can management development continue to be an act of faith?

The CMI continually stress the need for a management and leadership revolution to meet the challenges facing Britain. There’s a fundamental need for better recognition of what managers do and how they shape our economy. Research from the Work Organization Research Unit at the University of Bradford worryingly highlights that the typical approach to management […]

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Success – it’s all in the mind

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! In the training world many of my colleagues predict an upturn in business and display cautious optimism amidst the growing feeling in the UK economy that the seeds of recovery may well be taking root and that the shoots of new growth are appearing in the […]

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Caps lock worker out of job

Hot on the heels of our recent post on e-mail courses to ensure the most appropriate use of this growing medium, is an interesting or perhaps disturbing development. The following article demonstrates all too starkly the problems employees and employers can get into with this medium, communicating with staff and customers alike. Vicki Walker was […]

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