Busy day! Got nothing done…..

How often do you feel like this? The time flies by as you negotiate needless phone calls, interruptions meetings that don’t seem to go anywhere. And when you do grab a moment to yourself you spend more time deciding what to do rather than actually getting something done. Personal productivity techniques can not only make […]

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Keeping the crunch at bay

Recessions, they say sort out the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff. Even the most successful companies need to take a long hard look at themselves and investigate every avenue to maintain profit. Maintaining price levels and keeping costs firmly under control are both vital for survival. As a result we are […]

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Manager’s head in the sand?

We’ve all been there. No-one is pulling their weight and the MD is giving everyone the bird. And where’s the manager – deep in his office hoping it won’t become a problem they have to deal with. Flight of fancy – or reality? Well, we recently conducted some research where many bosses are indeed telling […]

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E-mail – fast or furious?

As the pace of office life continues to accelerate and our reliance on e-mail as the main means of communication with clients and colleagues grows, it is vital we make sure that we are clear, concise and considered. It is not only important to ensure that the right message is put across and understood fully […]

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New Chartered Manager Award

The Chartered Management Institute has established the award of Chartered Manager as a hallmark of current competence and professionalism. Just as qualifications can reflect an individual’s academic ability within the field of management; Chartered Manager status recognises the application of skills in the workplace and their measurable impact on business performance. Working closely with the […]

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