Kanye be better?

A recent article really caught our eye. We get so many supposed ‘gurus’ in the arena of management and leadership development (and dare I say a degree of snobbery and ego) that to see someone like Kanye West launch his ‘Kanye Curriculum – 7 Ways to be a Success’ is somewhat refreshing. He may be […]

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Chicken and egg for management leadership

It was interesting (but not surprising) to see the 2009 survey report from the delegates of the annual HR Forum. The report was compiled by Richmond Events who organize the high-profile event. The top 3 management challenges faced by the organizations who attended are: 1. Employee Engagement 2. Management & Leadership  Development 3. Culture Change […]

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Without meetings I’d get loads done….

How often do you hear these words. Not only do we tend to have too many meetings but often participants come out of them frustrated by lack of objectives, planning and with very little action points to take away. In other words the meeting has not moved the company forward. We aim to help with […]

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