New management coaching & mentoring courses – 10% discount

We are delighted to announce launch of the new professional qualifications in coaching & mentoring. These level 5 qualifications in management coaching & mentoring are designed for practicing middle managers who wish to develop their management coaching and mentoring skills and capability. They focus on supporting managers to develop the link between coaching, mentoring and […]

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Funding for leadership and management training courses

Since we first announced funding schemes for training, we have noticed that many companies we talk to were either unaware of the funding opportunity, assumed they wouldn’t qualify or thought it would require enormous effort for scant reward. Nothing could be further from the truth. In our experience the vast majority of companies  that apply […]

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If only you could clone your best people….

Dolly the sheep started a whole debate about the issue of cloning. Whatever the ethics, it got us thinking about lessons we might learn to improve the business performer. What if we could clone your best people across the organisation whether they be leaders, sales people or middle managers? It lead us to ‘Excellence modelling’ […]

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Increasing demand for HR skills

It’s possibly no surprise that we are currently seeing huge demand for our HR  management courses (sadly no doubt as a result of the current economic climate). We offer a range of courses which cover all of the major skills that are required in the modern human resources department, tailored to individual needs and levels […]

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Business training courses add value

How often do companies spend time and money making sure that assets in the company such as machinery, company cars and buildings are maintained and serviced and yet their biggest asset gets overlooked. Too often the assets that go up and down in the lift, whether they be directors, managers or shop floor personnel, fail […]

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